Vote No ANMM

Your ballot for a new enterprise agreement opens today. The CPSU recommends that all staff VOTE NO. Vote period commences: 8:00am and closes at 5:00pm Friday 16th December (today).

Reasons to VOTE NO

  1. It’s a dud deal with cuts to your rights and conditions and a low ball pay offer
  2. The campaign for fair pay, rights and conditions is working
  3. Once rights go, they're gone for good.

What can I do?

  • VOTE NO to ANMM’s deal that cuts rights and conditions
  • Talk to others in your workplace about the importance of VOTING NO
  • Download and print an A3 poster and display it in your workplace
  • If you're not yet a member, join the campaign for fair pay, rights and conditions by joining the CPSU.

The campaign for fair pay, rights and conditions is working

Big NO votes and industrial action has already forced the Government to move its position a number of times on key issues like superannuation, productivity, pay and some conditions.

It's still a dud deal

There has been some improvements in the offer - the Government has backed off cutting some key conditions and made the pay offer fractionally better. However, the ANMM offer seeks to strip workers' rights out of agreements, cut important conditions and offer no compensation for the three year delay in bargaining.

Once rights go, they're gone for good

Having rights gives you a say on changes in your workplace, such as the hours you work, part time arrangements, work life balance and performance assessments. If rights are moved into policy, you may not be able to access them. Even the APSC Commissioner John Lloyd admitted under questioning at Senate Estimates in Feb 2016, that rights contained in policy documents are "not strictly enforceable".

The CPSU has a plan

The campaign to protect jobs, rights, pay and conditions is a tough one, but there is a plan to win the best outcomes we can. The strategy involves:

  • NO votes against flawed agreements: Despite enormous pressure from agencies and the government, and slick, costly "yes campaigns", the overwhelming majority of APS workers have so far refused to accept deals that cut important rights.
  • Protected industrial action: CPSU members in many agencies have already taken significant action, particularly those working in strategic areas such as international airports, DHS & the Bureau of Meteorology
  • Community campaigning: CPSU delegates and members have door-knocked in many communities alongside the ACTU and other unions, talking to voters about protecting public services and the people who deliver them. We are also campaigning strongly through social and traditional media.
  • Direct lobbying of politicians: Recently, dozens of CPSU delegates descended on Canberra to take their concerns about bargaining directly to opposition and crossbench members. The CPSU also continues to reach out directly to the government.

We are making progress

Strong action from members throughout the campaign has helped secure important wins on issues like superannuation and productivity measurement. Ultimately the government changed its bargaining policy in October 2015 and the CPSU was able to fight off some cuts to conditions including leave, HDA and increments. This significant development also led to a small move on pay and partial restoration of a number of important rights including consultation, representation, performance management and working hours in some agencies.

In 2016 we are seeing more agencies being allowed to restore conditions. This movement has been enough to see staff in a handful of agencies narrowly - and often reluctantly - vote up agreements. But APS staff still face a harsh attack on their rights with the government giving no indication it will move voluntarily.

Around 100,000 public servants are yet to sign up to new agreements, despite immense pressure from their employer. Strong NO votes remain critical to our campaign and put pressure on Government and agencies to resolve agreements fairly In November we have seen NO votes in many APS agencies, large and small: Australian Tax office- 71% NO, the third time ATO members and staff have voted NO Fair Work Commission- 67% NO DHS- 74% No, the third time DHS members and staff have voted NO to an EA Agriculture- 54% No, the 4th time members and staff in Agriculture have voted NO to an EA DIPB- 82% NO, the third time members and staff in DIPB have vote No to an EA CSIRO- 70% NO Torres Strait Regional Authority- 74% NO Productivity Commission- 52% NO

The best way to get a better offer is to VOTE NO

ANMM members will soon have the opportunity to pressure the government to make further changes by voting NO to this substandard agreement. By voting NO, members are telling the government they want management to be able to come back to the bargaining table with a decent offer on rights, conditions and pay that ANMM staff deserve.

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