Member Story: Shane Wright, Delegate, DVA, TAS

New delegates should utilise assistance from union peers and mentors when first starting out.
Shane Wright, Delegate

Why did you become a delegate?

I became a delegate so I could make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of my fellow colleagues.

What do you like most about being a delegate?

The sense of satisfaction when a plan comes together and you achieve a positive resolution when assisting individuals.

What’s one tip you would give to new delegates?

Utilise assistance from your union peers and mentors.

What’s your approach to asking people to join the CPSU?

I’m not good at this. I get Simone to do it.

What’s your approach to helping members who have a problem?

Understand the detail.  When dealing with management always be pleasant, un-emotive and try to resolve things informally.  No one has ever avoided a speeding fine by arguing with the police.  Always talk, rather than write. 

What’s your relationship with your management?

I tell management that my role is to act as a conduit between them and their staff in working through challenging issues they face – particularly around change.

One tip for working with management on an issue?

Ensure you foster good relationships with management.  It’s only when you have their confidence that you are able to positively influence situations.  If you have a poor relationship, you won’t get the time of day.

Tip for running meetings?

Be prepared – write your own summary speaking notes so you understand the key issues