Member Story: Nick Coady, MSC organiser, CPSU, NSW

Nick, MSC organiser
I am inspired by the courage and resilience of members and delegates as they work through workplace issues.
Nick Coady, MSC organiser

“Delegates are the backbone of the union and CPSU would be far less effective without their hard work and sacrifice,” says CPSU organiser Nick Coady. “They help the MSC immensely through assisting countless members with issues and making a serious difference to outcomes.”

Nick works in the Member Service Centre (MSC) and fields calls from members and delegates every day.

“New delegates should ask lots of questions of other delegates and use the MSC,” he says.” You are part of huge network. We are very keen to support you on your journey as a strong advocate for members' rights in the workplace.”

Nick always strives to approach members' problems with empathy, thoroughness and pragmatism. “I use members’ and delegates’ local wisdom and know that they often have a lot to teach me as well,” he explains.

“Listen more than talk and always have the member’s goals and best interests at heart when developing solutions with them,” he says.

“If you are on a phone hook-up with a member, let the member speak for themselves but be there as an advocate or intervener when necessary. Call for breaks if things get heated and keep it solutions focused,” he advises.

“When dealing with management, diplomacy is key. It is very common for there to be ‘grey areas’ in industrial issues which requires smart negotiation and effective communication. Management are playing a role and should be treated with respect, even when we firmly disagree.”

“Being an MSC organiser means making a difference to the working lives of our members every day, which is incredibly fulfilling” says Nick. “I am inspired by the courage and resilience of our members and delegates as they work their way through workplace issues.”