Thanks for saving Medicare jobs

Our strong campaign against the plan to privatise Medicare payments, which threatened thousands of DHS jobs, has paid off with the Turnbull Government formally disbanding the privatisation taskforce charged with outsourcing the system.

Your support and the actions of thousands of Australians who signed petitions, attended rallies and lobbied political candidates forced Malcolm Turnbull to declare that “every element” of Medicare would remain in government hands.

Health Secretary Martin Bowles has now confirmed that instead of spending million of taxpayer dollars working out how to privatise Medicare payments for profit, the Department will instead invest in a quality public system.

A huge win

CPSU National Secretary Nadine Flood said: “This is a huge win for jobs, for privacy and for all Australians who rely on Medicare. It goes to show what can be achieved when we as union members join with our communities and other organisations to mobilise effectively.

“This campaign highlighted the deep concerns that many Australians have about governments who seek to sell off essential services with unprecedented levels of community concern evident right across the country.

“Over 20,000 people signed our petition, more than 4000 people tweeted at the PM, dozens of MPs posted photographs on social media in support and more than 15 different organisations worked together to deliver this historic result.  

“Together, we sent a clear message to the Turnbull Government that Medicare is not for sale and that Australians won’t stand by and watch our public services be sold off piece by piece to the highest bidder.

“Had the plan succeeded, we would have seen the floodgates of privatisation open with private companies in charge of every Australian’s health data and profit models relying on payments from elderly, sick and vulnerable people,” said Ms Flood.

More work to do

However, while agreeing that members should pause to celebrate our success, the CPSU has warned the fight is not yet over.

In fact, the Turnbull Government is just getting started on implementing its a broader outsourcing agenda which will threaten more jobs in DHS and other agencies as wellas making life harder, more expensive and less equal for millions of Australians. 

Right now the Turnbull Government is trying to privatise the ASIC register which would make it harder and more expensive to track down dodgy corporations which treat workers unfairly and evade their tax responsibilities.

Please join the fight against the ASIC register sell-off here

Quality public services make life better and fairer for all Australians, keep our information safe and make our democracy stronger and more accountable.

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