The RAP Grinch strikes in Child Support

The RAP Grinch strikes in Child Support and elsewhere?

Child Support management advised staff last Friday that approved leave over Christmas would be cancelled because approval was “based on incorrect advice”. CSP management advised leave would be “reviewed”. CPSU wrote to DHS on Friday and again on Monday asking them to advise what “essential operational requirements” were required for the 2016 Reduced Activity Period (RAP) as opposed to previous years. 

Are you out of pocket because of DHS’s cancellation of approved leave?

Under clause G1.1 of your agreement, you can claim re-credit for a relevant period of leave, and be approved for reimbursement of reasonable incidental and travel expenses incurred by an employee if leave was cancelled without reasonable notice. DHS made the mistake in approving leave “based on incorrect advice”.  This is not your fault and you should not be out of pocket.

Is DHS dudding you on the RAP?

What is the Reduced Activity Period? Under clause G26.1, employees are not required to attend for duty during the department’s reduced activity period unless it is to meet essential operational requirements.

Did you get RAP last year but DHS says you are an essential service?  Click here to tell us what happened.