IP Australia update

IP Australia returns to the bargaining table

Following a third “NO” vote, IP Australia and the CPSU returned to the bargaining table today.

Key issues discussed include your entitlement to access flexible working hours, your right to consultation on changes to workplace policies, and your right to union representation.

The CPSU recognises that three years of bargaining, with a pay freeze has been a challenge for IP Australia staff.  Currently, a majority of the APS do not have a current agreement in place, with the restrictive bargaining policy of the APSC preventing many agencies from reaching a reasonable agreement.

The CPSU aims to achieve a resolution at the bargaining table that protects your entitlements and conditions which have been hard-won over decades of negotiation.

The CPSU represents the views of its members at the bargaining table.  If you’re not a member, join now to be represented.  Otherwise, your default representative is management.

Get in touch with your organiser Megan Baker-Goldsmith via email or your local bargaining representative to discuss any key issues you would like to see raised at the bargaining table. 

CPSU stands up for your rights – personal/carers leave

Some members have raised with the CPSU their concerns regarding personal/carer’s leave in the workplace.  A fact sheet is now available for members to outline your rights and entitlements when accessing personal/carers leave.

If you have concerns regarding use of your personal/carer’s leave entitlements in the workplace and would like support, you can contact the Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636, talk to your local delegate, or contact your organiser Megan Baker-Goldsmith via email, or on 0408494323.

If you are not yet a member and would like advice and professional support on your rights and entitlements in the workplace, you can join here

International Women’s Day Celebrations

International Women’s Day is coming up on the 8th March. CPSU will be holding an event to recognise the achievements of women in our society, reflect on the challenges that remain on the path to equality and focus on action to improve gender equality.

Stay tuned for more information about our IWD event soon.

Welcome to new graduates

Hundreds of new graduates are commencing their APS career across Canberra this month.  Many of those graduates have joined the CPSU, and attended our first graduate networking event for this year at the Walt and Burley in Kingston.  If you’d like to access the APS wide network of the CPSU, join up and join in.

Union member benefits

Get the most out of your union membership, with everything from journey cover insurance to shopping discounts.  Check out the full range of benefits – free to members, here.

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