Good faith bargaining and Minister Cash

Good faith bargaining and Minister Cash

This week we have lodged application with Fair Work Australia over the Employment Minister’s failure to engage in good faith around bargaining of agreements across the APS. The first hearing will be held this afternoon.

The case is based on Minister Cash’s refusal to deal constructively with the CPSU, including refusing to discuss or properly consider the union’s fair and reasonable proposals to settle bargaining across multiple Commonwealth agencies.

While members are sick and tired of the government holding their pay and conditions hostage to failed policy based on extreme political ideology, they will not roll over and accept cuts to current conditions. Without some pragmatic leadership from the Prime Minister this industrial impasse shows no sign of avoiding an escalation of industrial action across DHS and the rest of the APS.

We will keep you posted on news from the Fair Work Commission.  

Stop Work meetings continue

Meanwhile DHS have not improved their bargaining position since their last offer was comprehensively rejected by staff in Feb 2016. After three years the Secretary seems in no hurry to secure DHS workers conditions and a fair pay offer. So how does the secretaries pay compare with yours since 2013?

Nice one Kathryn!