DIBP: Get the facts

This is the final CPSU fact sheet before you vote on the employer’s draft Enterprise Agreement on Monday, 31st of October. Your employer is relying on screensavers, flat screen TVs and copying your union's effective messaging techniques to get their poor deal over the line. In stark contrast, we are relying on the facts. 

The proposed agreement severely diminishes your rights to leave and CPSU members and delegates are telling us that it’s simply not good enough.  Accessing leave is an integral part of maintaining your health and wellbeing and balancing your work and family commitments. Vote NO to an offer that cuts your leave conditions and makes it harder for you to access your rights.

Your employer is asserting that all your rights, including leave provisions, are protected however in their own agreement comparison the Department lists specific entitlements that are reduced significantly or removed entirely and refer to policies and guidelines that haven’t been written yet and even if they were developed, are not legally enforceable.

What is at stake for your leave entitlements?

There are a range of leave provisions that either applied in the previous Customs EA or are in the current DIAC EA that have been stripped in the employer’s offer. The key nasties include but are not limited to;

  • Cuts to study leave provisions including the entitlement to access up to 7 hours and 30 minutes per week each semester to assist with study commitments
  • Loss of three days guaranteed emergency leave - duration and payment now at the Secretary’s discretion
  • Loss of ten days additional paid personal leave and five days additional paid carers leave when leave credits are exhausted
  • Loss of personal leave for compelling reasons, e.g. funerals, house emergencies
  • Loss of ability to anticipate Sick Leave
  • Serious tightening of rules around provision of documentary evidence for Personal Leave basically making provision of such evidence the default position
  • Increased management control around your access to leave at half pay
  • Cuts to additional leave entitlements for shift workers at Container Examination Facilities who work Saturdays
  • Cuts to bereavement leave from three days to two
  • Paid event leave replaced with unpaid miscellaneous leave
  • Loss of credited, upfront 18 days personal leave on commencement with department
  • Making Defence Force Reserve leave contingent on operational requirements
  • Limitation to four days paid community service leave for each emergency response – previously unlimited
  • Increased employer control around staff accessing the former Christmas Closedown, now converted to a management initiated shutdown on your own time

Vote NO – The draft offer speaks for itself, management desperation showing

Your employer is trying every trick in the book to get this agreement over the line because the Government and DIBP do not want their failed bargaining policy under the scrutiny of the independent umpire.

Managers have now resorted to arguing that your elected delegates cannot hand out union information in the foyers of their own workplaces (we are pursuing a withdrawal of this direction).

If DIBP was confident in their offer and knew it was genuinely a fair deal, they wouldn’t try to silence your elected workplace delegates.  We believe DIBP employees can see through your employer's tactics and the facts speak for themselves.

VOTE NO – We’ve got a better way

Members know a bad deal when they see one and they won’t be pressured into voting for it now when arbitration offers a real chance of maintenance of conditions, a better deal on allowances and compensation for delays.

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