DHS Digest: 27 October 2016

In this week's special No Vote edition of the news:

No matter what DHS says about their pay offer, the fact remains they're still cutting conditions that give you control over your hours of work, no guaranteed planned day off, reduced representation, and no say in improving how DHS works.  That's why we're encouraging everybody to Vote No.  See attached a short summary of the cuts and what we've won back.

8 practical reasons why you should Vote No

To find out how DHS's agreement will fundamentally change many of your current rights, check out these Factsheets:

Are you on leave or waiting to receive voting instructions for the Agreement Vote? 

If you are currently on leave or will be away during the vote between 7 - 11 November, don't forget to update ESS with your contact details so the department can forward voting information to you. 

If you are still unsure of how to vote, or do not receive voting instructions within the week before the ballot opens, staff are encouraged to contact the ballot provider, ORIMA Research for any technical assistance with lodging their vote or enquiries about their voting password.  Details for the ballot provider are below:

  • Email - ballot@orima.com
  • Telephone - 1800 654 585 (weekdays between 8am and 8pm AEDT)

For any other questions about how to cast your vote, DHS staff can email the DHS Enterprise Agreement team at AGREEMENT.TEAM@humanservices.gov.au

Under DHS's proposed enterprise agreement, anyone could be made a rostered worker.  If you're a rostered worker, you can be directed to work any time between 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, including split shifts and averaged hours.  Under the current agreement, all employees can negotiate and agree on their hours of work.

CPSU fights back on Genesys and MTS

Last week CPSU issued a letter from our lawyers to the Department over their failure to consult over the MTS and the impact on your rosters.  DHS is also refusing to acknowledge that staff in rostered environments have access to “default hours” if they can't agree on a “pattern of hours” with their manager.  What did Adrian Hudson say in Senate estimates?  Want to know more?

Are you getting dudded on RAP this year?

What is the Reduced Activity Period (RAP)?  Under clause G26.1, employees are not required to attend for duty during the department's RAP unless it is to meet essential operational requirements. Is DHS dudding you on the RAP?  Did you get RAP last year but DHS says you are an essential service?

Not 'rapt'?  Click HERE to tell us what's happened! 

The RAP Grinch strikes in Child Support and elsewhere?

Child Support management advised staff last Friday that approved leave over Christmas would be cancelled because approval was “based on incorrect advice”.  CPSU has contacted DHS with regards to this and the 2016 RAP.  Are you out of pocket because of RAP?  Find out more here