CPSU takes on Minister Cash in FWC

You may have seen the news that we have taken Minister Michaelia Cash to the Fair Work Commission over her failure to engage in good faith around enterprise agreements for Commonwealth public sector workers. Here are 5 things that you need to know:

  1. It’s time for the Turnbull Government to listen. This action is based on Minister Cash’s refusal to deal constructively with us, including refusing to discuss or properly consider our fair and reasonable proposals to settle bargaining across multiple Commonwealth agencies.
  2. Our plan to resolve bargaining. Action in Fair Work is part of our multi-pronged plan to make the Turnbull Government fix its public sector bargaining mess; the strategy also includes industrial action at international airports and elsewhere, community campaigning targeted in marginal electorates and repeated efforts to engage directly with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Minister Cash.
  3. Tough choices ahead. While we continue to seek the outcomes set out in our 2015 Outcomes Position, we all need to recognise that getting a decent result won’t be easy and will involve some difficult choices - we're determined to fight as hard as we can to make these choices the best members can get.
  4. Making a difference. Our Safeguard campaign has helped secure significant bargaining wins such as getting many proposed conditions cuts taken off the table, and moves on leave, hours, pay and superannuation. While these developments have not been enough to resolve the dispute, we are making a difference and we need to keep up the pressure.
  5. What can I do? Fundamentally, the most important thing every member can do is to talk with your colleagues about why being in the union is important and to ask them to join. Only members contribute the resources, clout and credibility to win further shifts and get an outcome members deserve.


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