Christmas Closedown and your leave

Did you know?

  • That currently your agreement expressly provides for the Department’s offices to be closed between Christmas and New Year
  • The entitlement to closedown is derived from the old public service holiday and the 2 CA days granted as leave in part exchange for the increase in hours of work from 7.21 to 7.30 per day. DAWRs proposed EA erodes this entitlement without restoring the previous hours of work
  • That currently your agreement provides for no deduction from an employee’s recreation or Personal/Carer’s leave credits for the closedown days
  • That under DAWR’s proposed EA the Department will only ‘reduce its normal operations’ during closedown, meaning it is less certain that employees should normally have those days off
  • Unlike now, under DAWR’s proposed EA leave credits are only certain not to be deducted for closedown if the employee has approved leave during the period
  • That under DAWR’s proposed  EA if you are directed to work between Christmas and New Year you will now no longer be entitled to penalty rates for working the day after Boxing Day (the former public service holiday)

It’s mean, it’s sneaky and it doesn’t support DAWR staff.

And remember if it’s in policy, and not in the enterprise agreement, it can be removed or changed at any time.