ABF employees

The CPSU has been contacted by delegates across a number of workplaces raising concerns about member’s pay, annual leave credits and the lack of clarity the current pay slips provide staff post integration. CPSU will work with members to rectify these issues.

If you are not a union member and need support or representation regarding your pay or annual leave credits join today here.  It is important to remember your employer has an obligation to:

  • Pay you in accordance with the agreement or determination
  • Ensure your leave credits are accurate and up to date
  • Provide employees with pay slips containing information that is clear and easy to understand as required under the Fair Work Act
  • Recover overpayments in line with the debt recovery processes in your Enterprise Agreement

Do you have concerns about your pay, payslips or leave credits?

If you are a union member and have concerns that you are not receiving your applicable entitlements under the terms of your agreement or that your employer has unilaterally deducted leave or payments without following their obligations under the agreement please do the following;

If you are not a member join today

CPSU can only represent union members. If you have an pay, payslip or a leave credit issue and need representation advice or support join today.

CPSU will also continue to raise these issues at a national level and keep members updated.