Myopic management an insult to ABC audiences and staff

The CPSU is concerned that reports of planned further job cuts by ABC management, leaked to the media before being revealed to staff, will do further serious long-term damage to the corporation.

It has been reported that another major round of redundancies will be announced tomorrow, adding to the damage caused by the 2014 “hunger games” cuts to ABC’s staffing, capability and quality.

CPSU’s ABC Section Secretary Sinddy Ealy said: “We have absolutely no confidence in the apparent rhetoric of ‘content first’ to justify yet another round of whole-sale job cuts. Managing Director Michelle Guthrie appears blind to the ABC’s fundamental value to Australians, as demonstrated by her underwhelming performance at Senate Estimates last week.

“Well-placed sources have told us that tomorrow’s announcement is the first step in a plan to slash between 400 and 500 jobs from the ABC. Given the grievous damage caused by the wholesale job cuts in 2014, this would be a terrible blow to the integrity and quality of the ABC’s programming and content, not to mention the impact on the confidence and morale of staff.”

“ABC senior management have form when it comes to glossing over the impact of their job cuts. They always promise the cuts are part of ‘a great leap forward’ but the sales pitch never matches the reality of fewer staff and dwindling resources.

“Since the 2014 cuts there has been a noticeable erosion in the quality and reliability of ABC content. There has been a noticeable shift away from reflecting the needs and interests of all Australians, to chasing commercial media companies in the ratings race.

"Just in recent months Radio National programming has been gutted, along with specialist science reporting through the axing of Catalyst, and the important shortwave radio service has been switched off. The CPSU will do everything possible to stop ABC management going further down this destructive path.”

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