More Weather Bureau strikes as industrial storm intensifies

CPSU members in the Bureau of Meteorology have today launched another round of rolling strikes as management continue to push unacceptable cuts to rights and conditions.

The two weeks of rolling strikes will be accompanied by other forms of industrial action to apply pressure to management, including a ban on media inquiries except those relating to severe weather.

It is less than a month since BOM staff last took industrial action, with the current campaign causing significant disruption since it began on July 20.

CPSU Deputy Secretary Beth Vincent-Pietsch said: “Weather Bureau staff are launching another round of rolling strikes and other action because their bosses are still pushing a hard-line agenda of unreasonable cuts to rights and conditions.”

“As with previous rounds of industrial action, CPSU members will be able to strike at times of their choosing within morning and afternoon windows, but this time we’ve extended the windows even further. We’ve found this is an effective way of creating headaches for the bosses without causing undue disruption to the general public.”

“The bureau is one of only a handful of Commonwealth agencies that’s still without a new enterprise agreement, clearly signalling it is only BOM management that is standing in the way of a fair and reasonable agreement.”

“We are still negotiating in good faith and some cuts have been taken off the table recently. But management continues to ignore the major issues at the core of this dispute, particularly the fact that the harshest cuts are targeted at front-line people working shifts and in remote locations.”

“BOM staff have now gone more than four years without a pay rise. It’s ridiculously unfair that they’re still having to fight to keep the rights and conditions they’ve got now. Clearly the rules around enterprise bargaining are broken and need to be fixed.”

“BOM bosses need to come down from the clouds and take a pragmatic approach to this dispute, like management in the many other agencies that have resolved bargaining in recent months including DHS, the Tax Office, Defence, Agriculture, CSIRO and Prime Minister and Cabinet.”

CPSU members in BOM will be legally protected to strike in 30-minute blocks between 4.30am and 7.30pm from Friday, September 29 until Thursday, October 12.