Senate Inquiry into APS Bargaining

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The Senate has completed its inquiry into enterprise bargaining across the Commonwealth public sector, making damning findings about the Turnbull Government’s approach and recommending the Government change its approach to bargaining and make important changes to the bargaining policy so that the dispute can now be resolved.

In its final report the Inquiry’s Chairman Senator Gavin Marshall says:

The Turnbull Government’s bargaining policy “is not only cruel and heartless… but has also been an abject failure in terms of facilitating and concluding genuine bargaining negotiations.”(p63)

“In the interests of both the APS and the broader community, this bargaining dispute needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency. Accordingly, the Government should moderate its approach and amend the bargaining policy.” (p64)

Your concerns have been heard

The Senate Committee has listened to members' concerns and made common sense recommendations that would resolve the dispute:

Ministers to act: Minister Michaelia Cash should act to resolve this dispute, including immediate steps for the APS Commissioner to remove impediments and sitting down with the CPSU to work through a resolution. The Ministers for Human Services and Immigration and Border Protection also face specific recommendations to act.

Existing rights and conditions: The Government should change the bargaining policy so workers can retain their existing rights and conditions, including family-friendly conditions covering issues such as rostering and leave.

Agreement enhancements: The bargaining policy should be changed to allow agencies to consider affordable improvements to agreements, including the provision of domestic violence leave.

Machinery of government changes: Ministers should act immediately to ensure staff in agencies affected by MoG changes - such as Immigration and Border Protection, Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Federal Courts and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal - are not disadvantaged, including in terms of employment conditions and pay.

Wages: The wages cap should be adjusted to a more realistic level and include compensation for workers who have had their pay frozen for three years.

Consultation and union representation: Existing and long-standing consultation and dispute resolution rights should be allowed to remain in agreements, and workers, including those in agencies covered by new agreements, should be permitted to be represented on workplace matters by a union representative.

Now we need your help to get these recommendations implemented

We have to push the Turnbull Government to fully and immediately implement the recommendations.

What we are doing

In addition to NO votes, parliamentary lobbying and further protected industrial action as required - the CPSU is launching a petition calling for the Government to immediately act on the recommendations.

This petition is for members, workers, your family and friends to sign. We will present the petition to the Turnbull Government.

And if the Government doesn’t act we will call on the Parliament to do so.  

Every signature counts - sign here now

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